K–M Scout Ranch High Adventure

Resident Summer Camp

K-M’s resident summer camp is situated in the North Moccasin Mountains in central Montana, with breathtaking views of Fergus County and the surrounding wildlife. In addition to the extreme landscape, K-M offers unique programming opportunities. Troops and Crews have the ability to participate in a wide variety of activities built into your weekly schedule.

For troops and crews looking for a more adventurous summer camp experience, look no further than
K-M’s High Adventure Program. An intense canoe trip along the Missouri River or an extreme backpacking experience based out of K-M will give your unit the adventure they are looking for.

Hiking Adventure
This high adventure program is geared towards older Scouts who are looking for a true adventure. Participants will hike 15-30 miles over the course of the week in the North Moccasin Mountains. Each trek is accompanied by a trained guide, who will educate Scouts about Backpacking and Mountaineering skills and practices.

Missouri River Trek
The Missouri river trek offers older Scouts the opportunity to explore the return route of Lewis and Clark and offers incredible side-hikes, fishing and historical wonder of the white cliffs section of this wild and scenic river. You will travel over 50 miles of the breathtaking river bottom. Opportunities to earn the 50 miler and Historic Trails award are available on this trek.

No matter which adventure you choose, Scouts will learn how to work as a team, develop leadership skills, increase their self-confidence and advance their outdoor skills, all while enjoying some of the most magnificent scenery on the planet.

Geared Toward
Older Scouts and Venturers looking for high adventure.

2021 Dates
Week 1: July 18 – 24
Week 2: July 25 – 31
Week 3: Aug 1 – 7
*other dates can be scheduled through co-ordination with the Trek Director

Youth: $400
Adult: $400

Camp Registration
Online: Click the link below
or call: 406-761-6000
In-Person: Visit a Service Center in your district

March 31 – 50% due
May 31 – Balance due

Health & Medical Form
All campers are required to submit completed health & medical form.

*Investment in Character and Leadership Discount
An in-council troop that meets their Investment in Character and Leadership goal by April 30, will receive a $10 discount per boy for summer camp or NYLT fees. It is just our way of saying “Thank you” for supporting the Montana Council with your financial contributions. If you have already paid your fees, your discount will be refunded to you.

Cancellations & Refunds
Any unit or individual Scout canceling prior to June 1 may be able to receive a refund of fees less the $200 deposit and $75 camp readiness fee for each Scout and/or Adult cancellation.

After June 1, no refunds will be issued until after the end of the camping season. Refunds will be determined by the Camp Director. Valid reasons include death, illness or military orders such as TDA or PCS. Scouts and adults will receive one-half of fees charged and/or paid for each camp.

All fees must be paid on time in order to hold your campsite, the unit may lose its place if fees are not on time.

About K–M Scout Ranch High Adventure

2021 Registration

 Health & Medical Form