Montana Council Screen-Boosted Scouting

Ideas, training, and tools for a great Scout program harnessing the power of screens.


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October – High Octane Programming

Program is how we deliver on the scout mission of building character, citizenship, and fitness in youth. This month we hope to inspire you to try something new in your program, whether that is bloody glove practice, a Cub Scout Aquatics event, or learning how to use Bear Spray, we have resources here for you to try. Collaboration between units is another way to help your program, and you can find ideas for that in the Venture Collaboration video. We also have a new live-remote training opportunity in Committee Training! Over 400 leaders in Montana Council need this training, so we hope this will be a convenient and educational experience. Sign-up under Live Training for this December 8th class, and keep Scouting!


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SBS Patch Program

SBS Patch Program 1:37

SBS Patch Program

Check out the new SBS Patch program and learn how to earn your very own special patch. This patch is unique to the Montana Council and specific to the Screen Boosted Scouting program.
SBS Patch Requirements / Tracking Sheets


Happening Live – a listing of upcoming classes that require registration.

SBS Broadcast (15 min):
Wednesday, December 9th,  7:00 – 7:15 pm with Q & A after
Add the event to your calendar. Hear about new resources and join the Q & A session afterwards to get help on anything!

Join the meeting:

Call in by Phone (audio only)
United States: +1 (312) 584-2401
United States: +1 (877) 422-8614
Meeting extension: 4794305#

Remote Beginning Leader Accelerated Success Training (BLAST) for Cub Scout Leaders
Beginning Leader Accelerated Success Training (BLAST) gives you a new way to become trained for your Cub Scout position. The training is two 90-min sessions. Trainers present content that is high energy and interactive, answer your questions and show you the amazing world of Cub Scouts as a leader. Sign-up TODAY for this training so you can receive materials in advance!

Wednesday, November 4th & 11th  7:00 – 8:30 pm

BLAST Training Info
BLAST Registration


Live Committee Training

An active unit Committee is the difference between a Scout unit that works and one that is probably struggling. In just one hour, you can learn how Unit Committees work and what you can do to help your Scout unit, whether you are a Committee Chair, Treasurer, Advancement, or some other role on your Pack, Troop, or Crew committee.

Tuesday, December 8th 17 7:00 – 8:30 pm.    (Sign-in 6:50 pm)

Sign-up for this training to get the log-in information and receive resources from the instructor. If you have questions, please let me know!

Committee Training Registration



On-Demand – tools and resources available to you at any time.

Adult Leader Resources


SBS Broadcast V 14:21

SBS Broadcast V

The fifth Montana Council Screen-Boosted Scouting Broadcast! In this edition learn about cub resources for areas where internet connectivity can be troublesome, as well as some great ways to include Aquatics in your cub programming. Aaron Weisman brings us a great gathering activity for Scouts BSA and we learn about changes to the Venturing program.


SBS Broadcast 9/23/2020 14:58

SBS Broadcast IV

The fourth Montana Council Screen-Boosted Scouting Broadcast! In this edition learn about recruiting ideas from Field Director Kyle Lantz as well as some cool Cub Scout ceremonies and activities to use with new members. We also preview some of what is to come next month.



SBS Broadcast 7/23/2020 14:49

Computer Fundamentals

Frustrated with video conferencing? This video can help! Computer Fundamentals covers the language of the computer landscape, important video conferencing tips, and explains the most important features to look for.




Google Classroom Intro 0:58

How to Use Google Classroom

Cammie Edgar shows you how to use Google Classroom. This is a great tool for presenting merit badges and other training.

Google Classroom Screen Sharing Instructions
Google Classroom Finale


Cub Scout Resources

Cub Program Planning 6:08

Cub Program Planning

Sandra Dogiakos introduces us to new and useful tool to help plan your Cub Program.  This resource is especially useful in areas where internet connectivity can be troublesome.

Check out her resource: 



Intro to Aquatics 1:52

Intro to Aquatics

A brief introduction on how to include aquatics as part of your Cub Scout programming.





Delivering Cub Scout Aquatics 14:56

Delivering Cub Scout Aquatics

Getting Cub Scouts in the water to earn an Aquatics Adventure is one of the best ways to deliver Fun with a Purpose. Too many children die in accidental drowning, which is why BSA added water and boating safety content in these elective Adventures. We have video and great resources to help you get comfortable adding Aquatics to your Den, Pack, or District.


Aquatics Presentation

Aquatics Resources


Council Recruitment Resources
Every school and community is different and to be successful in recruiting, a variety of methods must be used.  Here is a list of some of the best practices from all over the country.  Take a look and find what will work best for your community.

Recruitment Ideas

National Recruitment Resources



National Links and Resources for Cub Adventures

Den Leader Tips & Tricks Video Series






Scout Skills  3:26

Scout Skills

Scout Skill Course is a fun obstacle course with a purpose. Scouts learn or review skills, run off energy, and they can do it with a buddy. The Scout Skill course is perfect for recruiting events or meetings with new Scouts to help them learn the Oath and the Law. The video tells you how to do the skill course, and the Leader Resource sheet provides all the details including a sample course. A design sheet is an additional resource for you to use to make your own Skill Course.


Scout Skills Resources

Scout Skills Course Design Sheet

Glowing Water Ceremony 5:51

Glowing Water Ceremony

Shortly after recruiting comes celebrating the rank advancement of Bobcats! This video lets you experience the ceremony and see how it is prepared. Ceremonies make Scout memories and we hope you try this one for an extra special ceremony event.




Glowing Water Ceremony Resources


Talking Stick  3:34

Talking Stick

Masks make it very hard to know who is talking. Luckily, you can use a Talking Stick to help your Cubs focus on the speaker. Talking Sticks also help teach courtesy and are easy to make. Watch the video and read the Leader Resources sheet to find out why and how to use a Talking Stick with your Cubs.



Talking Stick Resources


Talking Stick  4:19

Cub Scout Cut Up

Did you know that even before Cubs can use a pocketknife (Bears) that there is something else Cubs can use that also “cuts”? Find out what that is and how to have a fun meeting that also lets Cubs who have their Whittling Chip get some knife practice. This meeting includes excuses to laugh too with joke telling, so you have two ways to “cut-up” with your Scouts.


Cub Scout Cut Up Resources


Yo-Yo Preview  4:14

Yo-Yo Adventure Preview

Check out the preview adventure that gives Cub Scouts the opportunity to learn the concepts that make a yo-yo work and the basic physics of a pendulum. It will introduce the history of the toy and give Scouts the skills needed to get started with basic yo-yo tricks.



Yo-Yo Resources


Cub Zoom 15:56

Ideas for a Fun Virtual Cub Scout Meeting

If you are a Cub Scout Leader who is ready to try a video meeting with your den or pack, you will enjoy a pre-packaged, ready to use “Fun Cub Scout Meeting” that also includes some adventure requirements but is mostly just fun.

Slide Stack for Cub Zoom


Scouts BSA Resources

New Virtual Trainings for Troop and Crews

In response to the needs of Youth Leaders in Troops and Crews, Scouting U has released two new virtual training programs for Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews(ILSC). These new temporary instructional training programs are available by logging onto and launching the BSA Learn Center. When the Learn Center opens you can select the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) from Programs as applicable to you. Covering the same Learning Objectives as the face-to-face course, this course combines online and virtual components providing Troop / Crew Members an opportunity for completion in a socially distanced setting.

Virtual ILTS and ILTC


Bear Spray Practice 1:24

Bear Spray Practice

Bear Safety is part of Montana Scouting and actually shooting bear spray is the best way to learn how to use it in an emergency. Bear Spray training is a great use for all those expired bear sprays and your Scouts will have a great time with this activity.

Bear Spray Resources



Bloody Gloves 1:52

Bloody Gloves

Blood is always good programming fun, when it is ketchup of course. Practicing taking off bloody gloves is fun and will help your Scouts be safe in the event they have contaminated gloves to remove.




Nature apps are a great way to use technology to help Scouts learn and appreciate what they are seeing outside. These three apps, PlantNet, PlantSnap, and iNaturalist are all easy to use and free. iNaturalist also does things like identify rocks and animals, so that is handy. Read the Leader Resource Sheet for details and add one of these Nature Apps to your unit’s adventures.

Nature App Resources


William T Hornaday Award 4:49

William T Hornaday Award

Did you know that this rare award can be earned by Scouts and Scouters? Only about 1100 Hornaday awards have ever been earned, but what a great accomplishment to contribute to conservation and become a Hornaday recipient. Learn more and see if this is a good time to work on a long-term, outdoor focused award.



NATO Alphabet or Waffles 3:10

NATO Alphabet or Waffles

Scout remote calls need to be fun as well as productive, but it is easy to jump right to the “action” items and forget about the social, community building that is such an important part of Scouting. Here are two fun, social activities for Scouts BSA or Venture Scouts that work on remote calls OR during travel. One uses the NATO Alphabet in a code-decode game and the other is a group discussion and voting on things to keep, and things to vote off the planet forever. Watch the short video and read the Leader Resource sheet for details.

NATO and Waffles Resource


Gardening Promo 3:31

Gardening Merit Badge

Cammie Edgar takes you through the process of how to earn the Gardening Merit Badge.  This is a two-part series that can be completed at your own pace.

Gardening Merit Badge Finale




Citizenship in the World Intro 5:16

Citizenship in the World Merit Badge

Paul Gritz guides you through this four-part series on how to complete the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge.  This is an Eagle-required badge that help with that next step in your advancement.

Citizenship in the World Module 1
Citizenship in the World Module 2
Citizenship in the World Module 3
Citizenship in the World Module 4
Counselor Contact

Venturing Resources

Venturing Opportunities from National

Western Region VOA Open House
You are invited! We can not wait to host you all one month from today for our Western Region Venturing Open House! Save the date for November 15th! Next week will have the time and registration open!

Open House Registration

Venturers on the Hunt
We are excited to announce our Western Region VOA Event: Venturers on the Hunt!
This will be a socially distant in-person/virtual photo safari event. You are more than welcome to sign up with a Venturing Crew or solo! Registration is open from Oct. 17 to Nov. 14th with the link below. Our event will begin Nov. 16th following the Western Region VOA Open House!

Hunt Registration


Venturing – Fun Meeting Ideas  5:32

Venturing – Fun Meeting Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas for upcoming meetings and activities? In this video, Dylan will share a few fun ideas with you that are rooted in Venturing’s ALPS Model. Adventure is going out into the world and stepping outside of your comfort zone; leadership is about leading and mentoring others; personal growth is about improving as an individual and as a team; and service, quite simply, is the gift we give others.



Why be Enthusiastic about Meeting Virtually Part II   12:32

How & Why to be Enthusiastic about Meeting Virtually Part II

This is the second video of a two-part video series dedicated to providing Venturers and Venturing Advisors with tips and tricks to improve their Venturing experience. Specifically, how to make use of SMART Goals and reorienting the group to complete short and long-term planning. In turn, you and your Crew will maximize your productivity so that you’re best prepared to tackle your favorite activities once you’re able to return to them!



Why be Enthusiastic about Meeting Virtually Part I   9:26

How & Why to be Enthusiastic about Meeting Virtually Part I

Dylan Notturno explains why virtual meetings are needed in today’s Venturing Program, how to be enthusiastic about it, and shares some great resources to make it easy and fun.