Help Us Keep Our License Plate

Montana has a great tradition of supporting organizations through the sale of specialty license plates. Montana Council, Boy Scouts of America, is honored to be one of the many specialty plates offered.

We LOVE seeing the sleek, attractive license plates on vehicles. It’s a beautifully modest and thoughtful way to not only financially support but SHOW support of Scouting in Montana.

We don’t want to lose this opportunity. We are tasked with the challenge, however, of needing to sell 150 additional plates by January 15, 2020, to keep the license plate available.

If you are among the hundreds of people that have already purchased a plate, thank you! You can always re-register at any time and it will count toward our goal.

If you don’t have a plate, please consider the purchase of one for these reasons:

  1. The Montana Council receives $25 of each license plate. That means 100 percent of the annual renewal fee goes to Montana Council.
  2. You will be directly reaching thousands of youth throughout our state and aiding in their growth to become good citizens, better leaders and moral individuals.
  3. We wouldn’t be the Boy Scouts of America without offering a patch! Just send us a photo of the license plate on your rig and we’ll send you a one-of-a-kind specialty license plate patch! Email to
  4. It doesn’t get easier to support local youth and these license plates look good!

One-of-a-kind Montana Council, Boy Scouts of America, specialty license plate patch.

We appreciate your support. Please share this information as we want to keep this opportunity to support alive.