Varsity Scouts

Take the basics of Boy Scouts, add high-adventure and athletic endeavors, and you have Varsity Scouting. Available to boys ages 14 to 17, Varsity Scouting is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental one. As a Varsity Scout, you’ll participate in backcountry treks, play sports like soccer and basketball, and take community service to a whole new level. You’ll also develop remarkable leadership skills, as Varsity Scouts are often looked to to coach Cub Scouts and younger scouts, or even to plan and lead outings.

In Montana, there are Varsity Scout crews in most of the larger communities. These crews participate in traditional scouting events such as banquets, fairs and campouts, but also engage in backcountry and adventure camp activities on a routine basis. They also organize and participate in athletic events. Parents, friends and leaders play active roles in the program as they help the boys achieve their goals as confident athletes and backcountry travelers.

Montana is also home to several of BSA’s premier adventure camps, a few of which offer programs specifically for Varsity scouts. These camps include Melita Island, Camp Arcola, K–M Ranch and the Montana Outdoor High Adventure Base.

Boys may join Varsity Scouts at age 14 and participate through age 18. Start the adventure today by attending a meeting in your community.

Quick Facts

GradesBoys, ages 14 to 17
Registration$26.40 registration and unit dues annually
UniformBoy Scout Khaki
ActivitiesScouting, High Adventure, Sports, Community Service
PrerequisitesMust be age 14 to 18, no prior scouting experience necessary

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